Have You Found Your Career Fit?

Find your Career Fit!

Welcome to your Career Fit quiz. This quiz is designed to make you sit back for a moment and think about where you are at in your career and how you feel about it. It’s pretty light-hearted, but it’s still a good check-in! Take a few minutes to read through the questions and answer honestly. The results might surprise you!

Take the Quiz!

1) Are you making a difference in your current position?
2) Do you enjoy working with your colleagues?
3) How is your work/life balance?
4) Are you utilizing your best talents and skills in your current role?
5) Are you making an income that makes you happy? (Be reasonable here!)
6) Have you ever wondered how your skills might fit in with another kind of career?
7) Are you interested in the problem that the company you work for is trying to solve?
8) Do you feel valued by the leadership team in your organization?
9) Are you interested in moving forward in your career?
10) Which best describes how you feel about your current career?

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